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Lizzie DeLacy

Lizzie DeLacy is constantly looking for ways to be the best version of herself; this includes mind, body, and spirit. She received her nutrition degree from the University of Delaware, her 200 hour RYT in Houston, Texas, and has always been a proponent of approaching health holistically. Lizzie founded DeLacy Wellness in 2016, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and overall lifestyle improvement. She spends her time constantly researching new fitness methodologies, health trends, and self care practices to add to her comprehensive wellness plan, made for anyone wanting to feel and look their best. You can find her on the Bodypeace app, on social media, or in a cafe sipping on an adaptogen latte.


A better way to do more

Lizzie is excited to introduce her app, Bodypeace, as a platform for anyone wanting to feel and look their absolute best! Between the variety of workouts, the healthy recipes, and free wellness tip videos uploaded weekly, you’ll be well on your way to achieving all of your personal health goals.

  • The sessions focus on specific areas of the body, ranging from 5-65 minutes, with simple to follow instructions.
  • Brush up on your alignment with tutorials to the top 50 movements you’ll find in one of her workouts.
  • Head over to the Discover section to watch one of Lizzie’s self-care videos or try out a healthy new recipe for a well rounded approach to living.”

Download the Bodypeace app today!


As a private fitness instructor and health coach, Lizzie encountered many people who wanted to be healthy and improve their lifestyle but who were also unsure of where to begin. She developed specific sequences of yoga-inspired movements in her unique style of fitness, in addition to creating meals and healthy recipes for her clientele. After working closely with her clients for several years, she realized it was time to bring her expansive knowledge of health to others.

Her goal is simple – help as many people as possible feel better so they can grow to be the best version of themselves. Inspired by the transformative experiences she had with her clients, she decided to author her first e-book, “Achieving Eventual Energy”, and build a supportive community that shares these similar values and beliefs.

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