Building the Bodypeace App

Wow. Guys. We made it to launch! Over a year ago I decided I wanted to bring my discipline to the world through means of an app…and this week that dream came true. In the App Store, on social media and on the website, you just see the finished product. This blog is going to take you behind the scenes of the past year, back to the start of my brand, back before an app was even in question. I’m incredibly grateful to those of you who have stuck with me since day one and for all of the continued support I receive from you. Ok, here we go!


Wait, back up, I lied. We’re going to go back four years in order to get the full story right. Let’s start almost exactly four years ago, when I had just moved to Houston from Delaware with the hopes of becoming a dietitian. I had my BS in Dietetics (nutrition) and was ready to help others feel better through healthy eating! There was just one problem. I didn’t get accepted into the internship program I wanted. I took that rejection as a message that I needed a moment to pause and decide what it was I wanted to do with my life. In the meantime, I began teaching yoga and managing a studio in Houston and realized that I also loved helping others feel better through movement! I combined those two passions into one business, DeLacy Wellness, that I created in early 2016. I spent the next couple of years meal prepping for my health coaching clients while developing my unique style of sequential movements for my yoga clients. The private yoga instruction became increasingly in demand, and soon, it became my full time focus in the business.


Come 2018, I had been working with several clients for two to three years and realized if I was going to impact more people with my discipline, I needed to take my sessions online. I started out building a business plan for a website with a pay-per-video function, though after meeting with some business-minded people, I realized an app was really the way to go. DeLacy Wellness took on a partner and hired a CMO in the summer of 2018. Together, we decided the app needed one name, and my business partner, Jack Martin, came up with “Bodypeace” as that’s how he felt after taking one of my DeLacy discipline sessions. The next 10 months were nothing short of grueling. Every week we had meetings to design the app layout and functionality, and whenever I wasn’t teaching my private clients, I was writing sequences for the production videos. Between blogs, the sequences, my e-book Achieving Eventual Energy, and website content, I feel as though I’ve already written an entire manuscript about Bodypeace! One day I’ll tally up the total word count spent on building this brand, you know, just for kicks. We filmed for the app in October, November, and January and spent months reviewing and editing the over 100 videos we created for our subscribers.


So now, here we are at launch, after thousands of hours and a huge financial investment, with an app that I am truly proud to bring to you. We wanted to make the functionality simplistic and have five buttons at the bottom of the app to navigate with. The Bodypeace icon will take you to Home, which has a mix of content from all over the app. Under Movements, we have the top fifty movements you’re likely to see in one of my sessions, and under Sessions you can filter through our videos by body part, duration, or intensity. If you favorite any of the movements or sessions, they’ll show up in your “Favs” section as a bookmark for later. Under Discover, we have the completely free section of the app. There are Topics, such as the DeLacy Wellness Doctrine or Lizzie’s Book club, and there is Community where posts from outside contributors live. We want to welcome everyone to the Bodypeace community, where you’ll find posts about fitness, health, wellness, personal development, and a whole host of others. We also want YOU to shape the community section, so you can like, comment, and share posts in order to give contributors feedback about what posts you’d like to see. We’re bringing together passionate content creators that have wellness knowledge to share with you and other health-minded consumers in order to build a holistic, diverse, “one-stop-shop” community. After all, none of this would even be possible without YOU.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and as always, if you have any questions, you can reach out to me on here, and now you can ALSO reach out to me on the Bodypeace app!!! I’m really excited to share my discipline with you as together we grow as a health and wellness community.

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